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What is Beacon Me In?

Beacon Me In! is designed to assist teachers in taking attendance in the Classroom. Although it does not replace physically confirming the student's presence, it is especially helpful when you require to take attendance of large groups of students that do not have assigned seating (e.g. Study Halls, Class Trips, Sports Practice, etc). 

How does it help me to take attendance?

This app uses Beacon Technology to check-in Students. When they walk close to you with their iPhone or iPad, they can simply click a button, and they are checked in. The app will verify that they are close to your iPhone/iPad. All you need to do 

How do I ensure the student is not circumventing the process?

As the students are checking in, and entering the classroom you can visually verify their presence as they are standing in front of you. The app will only let them check-in if they are close to your phone (you can set the distance). This is where you save a lot of time, because you are not needing to find them on a list, but you are verifying them as they check-in. If you are unfamiliar with the student, you can view their photo for verification. Also, students need to sign-in to their Google account assigned to them by the school to check-in. 

How do I maintain my class Rosters?

Class rosters are maintained in Google Classroom. Whenever you add or remove a class, or invite a student that enrolls in your class, you can automatically refresh the rosters in this app by selecting Refresh Google Classroom. This saves a lot of time as you are not duplicating effort.

I don't Use Google Classroom. Will this app work for me?

No. This app is exclusively designed for use with Google Classroom. However, it is available for you to use at even if you wish to enter a class roster

How much does it cost to use this app?

The cost for students is Free. Teachers have the ability to try out the app, and take attendance 20 times at no charge.. A subscription is required after the trial period ends. Cost is $0.99/month. Discounts are available for longer terms, and you can cancel at any time through settings on your device.

Can I print out the attendance list?

Yes, you will first need to email the Daily Attendance Report to your email address, then you can print out the report. You can also email the absent/tardy report history for the class, and if you wish you can also retrieve the attendance report in a data file format that can be imported into a spreadsheet app or other systems.

What do you mean by setting the distance?

You can set the distance the student needs to be to your iPhone for them to successfully be able to check in. Distance settings are 30ft, 15ft and 10ft. These distances are approximate and dependent on the device they are using, and how the device is held. You need to experiment with the settings to determine which distance works best for you in the situation 

Does this app completely automate Attendance?

No. You will still need to visually verify students physical presence in the classroom. However, this greatly accelerates attendance, especially in large groups with random seating, where time is a factor.

Why does the app ask me to enable Locator Services?

Locator Services is used to scan for the presence of the students phone in the classroom. Without locator services, you cannot approximate the distance the student from you, and they would be able to check-in from anywhere! Locator Services is enabled when the teacher starts check-in, and disabled when attendance is completed. 

Why does this app ask me to enable Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is used for the students and teachers to transmit/receive beacon signals to approximate the distance the students device is from the teachers device.

How do I allow the students to check-in?

First, you set the number of minutes check in is allowed. Then you set how many minutes check-in (tardy) is is allowed. When you press the Blue Check-In button, the "on time" check-in timer will count down. Then it will roll to the "tardy" timer. When the tardy timer is finished, students will no longer be able to check-in.

Can I re-start the check-in Process if I initially did not provide enough time?

Yes, you can either extend the tardy period, or restart the check-in completely. All students previously checked in will still be recorded.

Can I manually check-in a student

Yes, as the teacher, you can change the status of a student to Present, Tardy, or Absent. You can even reverse the check-in for an individual student if you made an error

If a student is "Not Checked In" does this mean they are marked as Absent?

No. You need to mark them as absent so that the app knows you accounted for the student. When attendance is completed, you can select the option to mark any student that is not yet checked in as Absent. This will automatically change the status of all the students who have not yet checked in. You can also individually mark the students as absent.

How Long is the Attendance Information Retained?

Attendance Data is purged for classes that have not have activity for 60 days. This means if no students checked in for 60 days, the class is considered dormant and purged. It is important for you to keep a record by emailing the Attendance Report and Absent/Tardy Reports when the class is completed.

Does this app require special permissions?

When you authenticate for the first time, The app will redirect you to a google Sign-In page which will require the following permissions:

  • View your Google Classroom classes
  • View your classroom class rosters
  • View the email addresses of people in your classes
  • View your profile photo (if one exists)

Developer Contact Information

If you have any questions or suggestions about Beacon Me In! , please contact Newtown Software: